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NLAC Legislative Agenda
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85th Legislative Session Agenda


Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)

APRNs are required to sign an agreement with a physician to prescribe medications, and often have to pay the equivalent of an extra mortgage payment per month to do so. NLAC recommends increasing access to care for Texans by removing unnecessary barriers to practice for APRNs.

SB 431 by Rodriguez – allows APRNs to sign certain documents

SB 433 by Rodriguez – cleans up unresolved prescriptive authority issues from passage of SB 406 (2013)

HB 1415/SB 681 by Klick & Hancock – Full practice authority for APRNs


Mental Health

Mental health is a serious issue across the state, and the Legislature should support mental health services by prohibiting weapons in mental health facilities, creating a statewide reporting system for injuries that occur in mental health facilities, funding more inpatient care for patients, and funding community-based mental health services.

HB 392 by Howard/SB 220 by Menendez, HB 1153 by Davis – prohibiting firearms in mental health facilities


Nurse Education

The Nursing Shortage Reduction Program (NSRP) provides incentive funding to institutions that increase nursing graduates. In the 84th legislative session, $33.75 million was appropriated to the NSRP. Given the severity of the nursing shortage in Texas, NLAC recommends continuing this program with the same appropriation.
HB 1/SB 1 – Budget

The Nursing Faculty Loan Repayment Program provides an incentive for nurses to accept faculty positions in nursing schools. Without a dedicated funding stream, the program will be ineffective in addressing the looming nursing shortage. NLAC recommends a dedicated stream of revenue to resolve this issue.



The Board of Nursing (BON) is undergoing Sunset Review. The Sunset Staff has done a tremendous job of highlighting the relevant issues, and NLAC supports each recommendation in the sunset report. We look forward to working with the Board and the Legislature to implement these priorities.


School Nurses

School nurses are the first line of caregivers for children with existing or developing health issues. NLAC encourages the Legislature to use these caregivers as effectively and efficiently as possible to ensure that our most vulnerable population has access to the care they need.
SB 196 by Garcia, SB 673 by Miles/HB 1847 by Coleman – requires parental notification if no nurse is on school campus
HB 1044 by Blanco, HB 1076 by Oliverson/SB 850 by Huffines – updates spinal screening requirements for middle schoolers


Workplace Advocacy

There are opportunities this session to improve workplace safety for health care providers. The Legislature should consider the recent study on workplace violence against nurses in Texas and support the efforts of healthcare facilities to implement safety measures.
HB 280 by Howard – innovative grants for workplace violence prevention programs


Child Safety

Children under the age of two are 75% less likely to be killed or suffer severe injuries in a car crash if they are in a rear-facing seat. NLAC supports efforts to require children under two years old to ride in a rear-facing car seat.
HB 519 by Turner/SB 278 by Zaffirini – requires children under 2 years old to be in rear facing car seats



Other Health Care Coalitions


Texas Women’s Health Coalition

NLAC supports strengthening Women’s Health Programs, improving access to contraceptives, and minimizing barriers to preventative care.


Public Health

NLAC supports public health initiatives that will benefit Texans and lower state healthcare expenditures. The Legislature should protect our youths by improving the quality of health education in schools and raising the minimum age of tobacco sales from 18 to 21. The Legislature should support communicable disease prevention by ensuring parents have the right to know about school vaccination exemption rates, requiring influenza vaccination, and improving access to the safety-net immunization program. Finally, the Legislature should eliminate needless accidents by banning texting while driving.
HB 62 by Craddick/SB 31 by Zaffirini – prohibits texting while driving
SB 183 by Uresti/SB 228 by Uresti – raises legal tobacco sale age to 21

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