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A Registered Nurse!

This Become A Nurse website provides information
and answers about professional Registered Nursing (RN)

If you are considering to become a Registered Nurse, our website has the information you need.  Abundant nursing job opportunities exist today, salary compensation has increased over the past decade, and with a RN degree your career options are limitless.  

In Texas, there are 106 Schools of Nursing--spread across the state.  Check our navigation list box on the right.  Click on any listed item for information and resources related to Texas Schools of Nursing, nursing practice today, financial aid, RN salaries, and other nurse links.

If this is your first visit to our website, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and important links below.

If you are a middle school/high school student or an adult with questions, we provide the facts!  You need to know:  what RNs do, access to Texas schools of nursing, and how to be successful in achieving your career goal.  Click on Middle/High School Students, Adults Info

If you teach, counsel or speak with youth or adult students about career choices–we're your first information resource!  Here is the information and resources you need in guiding students toward an exciting and rewarding professional nursing career. Click on Aids for Teachers, Counselors, Speakers, and Parents. RNs also can gain information to encourage students and adults considering an RN career.

If you are considering to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse/Practical Nurse career or related health careers, click on  Allied Health Careers.

Become A Nurse website is provided by the Texas Nurses Association
and Contributors supporting the Texas Nurses Foundation's Nurse Recruitment Project.






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