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History of NPA and TNA/ Nursing Initiated Legislation

TNA has been active at the Texas Legislature since its beginnings in 1907.  The links on the menu on the right detail the history of the accomplishments achieved for nurses and their patients through these efforts.

History of Texas Nursing Practice Act (NPA)

The following are the more significant amendments to the Texas Nursing Practice Act (NPA) since its enactment in 1909.  Also included is other significant legislation that affected nurses' scope of practice even if the NPA was not amended.  From 1907 to 2007, the name of the nursing board was Texas State Board of Nurse Examiners (BNE).  In 2007, the name was changed to the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).  For simplicity, the board is referred to as BON in this history except for its creation in 1907. . .

History of TNA/Nursing Initiated Legislation

TNA is the only nursing organization that lobbies legislation affecting all areas of nursing.  It has been active legislatively since its inception in 1907.  TNA works closely with specialty nursing organizations on legislation of common interest.   The nursing specialty organization members of the Nursing Legislation Agenda Coalition provide significant grassroots lobbying for nursing related legislation.  The following is a listing of some of the significant accomplishments of this effort.  Probably only a few - certainly not all - of these accomplishments would have occurred if TNA and nursing had not been involved. 

Laws Protecting Nurses When Advocating for Patients

TNA believes patients are best served when nurses can be patient advocates without fear of retaliation.  Advocating for the profession includes supporting a regulatory environment that protects nurses when advocating for their patients.  TNA has advocated legislatively for over 20 years to make this a reality for Texas nurses. 


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