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RN Education Programs

In order to practice as a professional registered nurse (RN), specialized education is not only necessary, but also required to be licensed.  Professional nursing — as are medicine, dentistry and other major health care professions — is legally established by state law and regulation.


RN students—high school graduates or second-careerists—pursue entry-into-nursing education programs in order to be eligible for licensing as an RN.  RNs can also earn masters and doctoral degrees in nursing when they wish to advance their clinical specialization, enter nursing fields of education, administration or research and/or wish to push their career opportunities, potential and possibilities “to the max.”


A nurse with a bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree may have even more opportunities for his/her career pathways to expand, especially as health care delivery and technology advance and change.

In the employment market, it is acknowledged that “a person will change careers three or more times throughout his/her lifetime.”  What is unique about having a nursing degree and being licensed as an RN is that you can change careers within nursing without changing your profession. Within certain RN roles and positions, career advancement also is achieved through continuing education courses, specialty certification, and/or post-graduate degrees.


Select the level of nursing education program appropriate for you:

Entry-Into-Nursing Programs  
»» For high school graduate
»» For adult seeking a 2nd career
»» For person with a Degree in discipline other than nursing (RN program degree offerings:  Associate, Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral).

Fast-Track Nursing Programs
»» For Paramedic or EMT seeking ADN degree
»» For LVN seeking Diploma, ADN, BS/BSN degree
»» For Diploma or Associate Degree RN seeking a BS/BSN or BSN-Masters degree.
»» For BS/BSN seeking Master's- Doctoral Degrees
»» For person with Bachelors, Master's, Doctorate Degree in discipline other than nursing seeking nursing degree.

Master’s Degree Programs  
»» For BS/BSN seeking Master's Degree.

Doctoral Degree Programs  
»» For Master's RN seeking Doctoral degree.
»» For person with Master's Degree in discipline other than nursing seeking Doctoral Degree.






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