Facts of Unionization Tool Kit

Questions have been asked lately by a number of Texas Nurses Association members about the labor union organizing in some Texas hospitals and what it could mean to other nurses.  It seems the recent organizing activities resulted from neutrality agreements between Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) and Tenet Healthcare Corporation and the organizers of CNA /NNOC (California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee/AFL-CIO).  Those organizing efforts left many nurses confused about collective bargaining and workplace advocacy options – and often, with a limited, one-sided perspective.  

As a way to sort through the facts of collective bargaining and what organizing activities in a hospital could mean, TNA is making available the Facts of Unionization tool kit.  In it, you’ll find factual information that addresses unionization and collective bargaining practices in hospitals.  It is intended to offer a balanced perspective that is often lacking due to neutrality agreements. 

While TNA does not engage in collective bargaining for nurses, it does recognize the right of individual nurses to seek collective bargaining representation (see Resolution on TNA’s Position on Workplace, adopted April 19, 2008 by the TNA House of Delegates).  That said, TNA is also resolved to provide nurses with factual information that can be used to fairly evaluate the issue and to make informed decisions. 

TNA encourages you to share the Facts of Unionization tool kit with other TNA members and your colleagues. 
You may download the PowerPoint presentation and the full tool kit from this page.  As additional facts become available, the tool kit will offer them.

Download PowerPoint Presentation Nursing Unions: Just the Facts – a 30-slide presentation that’s perfect for presenting the facts about unionizing to groups and at District meetings. 

In theTOOL KIT you’ll find:
                 The Union Organizing Process – a fact sheet that provides an overview of the union organizing process including some key terminology such as, neutrality agreements.
  Who’s Who and What’s What in Nursing Organizations?although not inclusive, this comparison chart fact sheet is a good overview of the mission, description and approaches to workplace issues of the Board of Nursing (licensure), TNA (professional organization) and CNA/NNOC/AFL-CIO (labor union). 
  Resolution on TNA’s Position on Workplace TNA’s current position on collective bargaining in Texas hospitals.
  Resources on Workplace Issues a listing of websites where relevant information can be found.

Download the Facts of Unionization Tool Kit here.  

CNA/NNOC/AFL-CIO had long ago announced their plans to organize nurses in the State of Texas. TNA encourages all of its members to understand the organizing process, the implications to yourselves and your colleagues, and to make informed, evidence-based decisions about whether to join a labor union.  Additional information will be added to this tool kit as available or required.  All questions and comments are welcomed.   


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