Scholarships and Financial Aid

Gift or Loan Money:  Dedicated study and work habits can help you achieve a career goal as a registered nurse (RN).  When seeking scholarships and financial aid, understand that it takes time and work.  Scholarships and grants fall under Gift-Aid offers.  For long-term loans and work-study programs expect Self-Aid--you will pay loans or work without earning payment.

 Keep in Mind this Adage:  "Nothing is Free!"  It takes work–lots of investigative searches and filing out applications–to identify gift aid and self-aid.  However, the potential of success is worth it:  sometimes it is the gift of a scholarship or a grant and at other times you may need to access low-interest loans or accept work-study programs.  Gift or loan money, as well as your own good study and work habits, make it possible to achieve your career goal as a registered nurse.


For low-down on how to best “play the game”, click on the advice below:

»» To Play the Game, Understand the Terminology

»» Some Wise Starting Advice

»» Get Started Online

»» Self-Aid Publications 






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