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Health Careers

Allied health careers compliment many areas of health care. The term "allied health" ususally is applied to a group of diverse health care professionals who perform essential work in collaboration with those in medicine, nursing, and dentistry.

Allied Health Career Links:

»»  Texas Hot Jobs: A guide to health-related careers.  Check out the multi-health careers available

»» Texas BON's (Board of Nursing)  Texas Approved Vocational-Practical (VN-PN) Nursing Education Programs:  A list (pdf) of approved Texas VN-PN education programs

»»  Texas BON's VN-PN NCLEX Examination Report:  A list (pdf) of approved Texas VN-PN education

»»  Texas BON's Past 5 Years VN-PN NCLEX Examination Report:  A list (pdf) of approved Texas VN-PN education

»»  Texas Workforce Commission's Healthcare Career Opportunities Information:  Read the paragraph under the title Explore Career Opportunities; at the end of the paragraph click on the link:  Explore careers using TexasCARES





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