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TNA and ANA: Empowering Texas Nurses to Advance the Profession

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Make your voice heard through the Texas Nurses Association

Since 1907, when TNA’s first members set out to define and regulate nursing through legislative advocacy, nurses and patients in Texas have benefited. Legislatively achieved gains in Texas have been significant for nursing practice. Now, more than 100 years later, TNA members continue the work through collaboration and vision.

Texas Graduate Nurse Association
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Joint membership in TNA and the American Nurses Association is now highly accessible at only $15/month or $174/year. Together with TNA, ANA represents the largest and most inclusive group of nurses in the country.

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Plus! Speak out for your practice

With professional membership in TNA, you can be a powerful voice that speaks boldly for nursing and boldly for the practice environment. Your voice will be heard when TNA speaks out on crucial nursing issues. Membership in TNA and ANA enables you to become a full participant in defining your profession now and into the future.

Nurse Day at the Capitol 2017