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Welcome to TPAPN
Welcome to TPAPN

Welcome to TPAPN: Passion to Help Nurses Heal

The Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses is a non-punitive, confidential, and voluntary alternative for RNs and LVNs with concerns related to substance use and mental health. TPAPN encourages nurses to seek help with psychiatric or substance use disorders. By recognizing and managing nurses with psychiatric and substance use disorders in the workplace, TPAPN advances patient safety. Guided by an Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from a number of important Texas nursing organizations and other stakeholders, TPAPN offers a minimum 1-to-5 year monitoring program (5-year for APN’s) that is voluntary and abstinence-based.

Contact TPAPN by phone at 800-288-5528, fax at 512-467-2620 or email at
We are located at 8501 N. MoPac Expy., Ste. 400, Austin, TX 78759.


Who is TPAPN?

Since 1987, TPAPN has served as the alternative program for RNs and LVNs of Texas whose nursing practice may have been impaired by psychiatric or substance use disorders. TPAPN recognizes that nurses are not immune to these chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal diseases. One vital aspect of the TPAPN program is the approximately 200 active volunteer nurse advocates who provide one-to-one peer support and education to TPAPN participants.

Who Does TPAPN Help

In addition to the nurses helped by TPAPN, the program supports employers and nurse managers to promote a safer and more positive work environment. Health care facilities and organizations regard TPAPN as a positive component to their quality assurance, risk management and turnover cost-avoidance systems. TPAPN graduates over 150 nurses annually.

Refer a Nurse

If you believe that a nurse that you work with has substance use or mental health issues, please follow the instructions to refer them to TPAPN.

TPAPN contact information

Phone: 800-288-5528

Fax: 512-467-2620


Address: 8501 N. MoPac Expy., Ste. 400, Austin, TX 78759

What Does TPAPN Do?

TPAPN offers nurses life-renewing opportunities for recovery and for establishing healthier professional and personal boundaries and goals. Not only protecting the public by returning nurses back to work under close monitoring, TPAPN helps Texas retain safe, practicing nurses, thus saving money. TPAPN protects the public by reporting non-adherent nurses to the BON for possible disciplinary action.

For Employers

Please watch the slideshow on how employers can support TPAPN participants and how TPAPN can support employers.

For Co-workers

Please watch the slideshow on what co-workers need to know when working with TPAPN participants.

For Participants

Participants have access to a TPAPN handbook and forms. Contact your case worker to ask about an advocate.

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