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TNA Approver Unit Discontinued | FAQs

Friday, June 19, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kanaka Sathasivan
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Earlier this week, Texas Nurses Association/Foundation announced to our membership that we will be discontinuing our American Nurses Credentialing Center Continuing Nursing Education Approver Unit effective June 30, 2020. This means that we will no longer be approving CNE Provider Units nor Individual CNE Activities.

TNA/F will maintain our Provider Unit and will continue to offer ANCC CNE on relevant issues, including through webinars, live events and the Learning Curve.

This was a very difficult decision for the Board of Directors, and all of us are very sorry to see this program go, along with its staff. We hope you will join us in wishing our former CNE staff all the best in their next venture.

Frequently Asked Questions


I heard TNA is making changes to its CNE program. What does this mean?

TNA has had two separate accredited continuing nursing education programs through the American Nurses Credentialing Center:

  • Accredited Provider Unit: This program enables TNA to provide ANCC-accredited CNE activities. For example, workshops and online programs for which nurses received CNE contact hours to meet their Texas nurse licensure requirement. TNA has made no changes to this program and will continue to offer ANCC-accredited CNE.
  •  Accredited Approver Unit: This program authorized TNA to approve other entities (hospitals, universities, other education providers) to offer ANCC-accredited CNE activities as an Approver Unit (as described above). TNA could also approve individual CNE activities under this program. This is the program that TNA is discontinuing.

Will I still be able to obtain CNE for relicensure through TNA?

Yes! Nurses have many options to obtain CNE for relicensure. TNA does and will continue to offer CNE through events, educational webinars and its on demand CNE service, The Learning Curve.

If TNA does not approve providers anymore, does that mean that only TNA can offer ANCC accredited CNE?

No. Currently there are 96 Approved Provider Units in Texas. These entities are all authorized to offer ANCC accredited CNE under their APU until its expiration. All APUs in Texas have been provided information to facilitate their transition to another Accredited Approver Unit so that they may maintain their status as a valuable provider of ANCC accredited CNE.

TNA has had a strong CNE program – Accredited Approver and Provider Units – for decades. Why the sudden change?

TNA proudly approved and provided CNE for many years – evidence of our commitment to quality continued education and professional development of nurses. Unfortunately, TNA has not been able to break even on the Approver Unit since 2012, and it has become financially unsustainable. The Board of Directors made the difficult decision to discontinue the Approver Unit during budget discussions for 2020-21.

Individual Activities

Does this mean that if I have an approved CNE course I can no longer offer it?

No. If you have a course or other CNE activity approved by TNA’s Accredited Approver Unit you may continue to offer it until its expiration date.

How will I be able to offer CNE for future educational events?

ANCC as well as other state nurses associations (listed below) have Accredited Approver Units and are able to approve individual activities. You may contact any of them to approve your educational activity.

Approved Provider Units

Should we continue to use the TNA verbiage on all of our CNE activities after June 30th?

You should have received instructions from Jennifer Graebe at ANCC to contact another Accredited Approver Unit before June 30 and arrange for transitioning from TNA’s AAU. Your new AAU will advise you of the correct statement to use after June 30.

How do we handle promoting our APU during this transition if we do not have an assigned Approver Unit?

During this transition, continue using the same process you are currently using. Once you establish a relationship with a new Accredited Approver, you will follow their directions.

Will we receive a prorated reimbursement of the fees we paid for the remainder of our Approved Provider term?

When your Approved Provider application was approved, your Approved Provider Unit was authorized to provide CNE for a three-year period under TNA’s Approver Unit. Your fees paid for that review/approval process. With the closure of TNA’s Approver Unit, you have been advised to transition to another Accredited Approver Unit. If you are charged a fee for transitioning your APU, please notify TNA so we can assist with the transition process.

Alternate Accredited Approvers: 

Alabama Nurses Association
oint of Contact: Virginia A. Collum

Colorado Nurses Association
Point of Contact: Connie Pardee

Georgia Nurses Association
Point of Contact: Lynn Rhyne

Louisiana Nurses Association
Point of Contact: Kim Cheramie

Midwest MSD
Point of Contact: Judi Dunn

Mississippi State Nurse Association
Point of Contact: Susan Hart, NPRL

Montana Nurses Association
Point of Contact: Pam Dickerson

New Mexico Nurses Association
Point of Contact: Suzanne Canfield
Email OR

Northeast MSD
Point of Contact: Ann Purchase

Ohio Nurses Association
Point of Contact: Kelli Schweitzer

Oregon Nurses Association
Point of Contact: Larlene Dunsmuir

Virginia Nurses Association
Point of Contact: Lindsey Cardwell

Wisconsin Nurses Association
Point of Contact: Mary Kay Scheller


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