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Policy Research Grant
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Apply for the TNA Policy Research Grant Today!


Are you conducting research with policy implications for nursing? TNF has an opportunity for you!

Application - Due May 19

Please email all documents together to and include "Policy Grant Application" in subject.

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The Texas Nurses Association supports translation of policy and practice through legislative, regulatory, and other activities. Evaluation of the success of these activities has largely been anecdotal. The purpose of this program is to support research-level policy inquiry that can inform improvements in nurse education and practice that lead to safe, quality patient care.


Some examples of policy issues TNA policy interests and activities include:

  • Safe nurse staffing and effectiveness of staffing committees
  • Nurses’ experiences of incident-based nursing peer review
  • Use of safe-harbor to address nurse concerns about safety
  • Reducing incidents of workplace violence against nurses
  • Nursing’s role in interprofessional teams in emerging practice environments
  • Effectiveness of peer assistance for nurses with substance use or mental health problems
  • Effect of advocacy protections on retaliation for speaking out regarding safety concerns

The Program was founded by TNA Executive Director Cindy Zolnierek with an initial pledge of $10,000 over five years. Additional donors will be solicited to achieve a minimum level of $30,000 which will enable at least one grant award of $5,000 to $10,000 per year. The amount awarded will be dependent upon the level of funds available as well as the grant proposals.


Eligibility criteria

  • Baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing
  • Licensed to practice professional nursing in Texas
  • TNA member of at least two years
  • Intent to complete proposed research within two years
  • Evidence of IRB review and approval (or exception)
  • Has not received a TNF grant within the past three years


Application Package

  1. Application form
  2. Abstract
  3. Project narrative including: purpose, background/significance, theoretical framework (if applicable), methods (design, setting/sample, procedures, instruments if applicable, analysis plan), anticipated relevance/implications. Use APA format; content excluding references not to exceed 10 double spaced pages with 1 inch margins.
  4. Copies of instruments if applicable
  5. Budget proposal with projected expenses by category and narrative
  6. Copy of IRB approval/exception
  7. Letters of support from consultants (verifying availability and willingness to participate if consultants are to be used on the project)
  8. Letters of support from organizations (if applicable)
  9. Advisor recommendation (if study is being completed as scholarly work for graduate study)
  10. Signed agreement


Other documents of relevance


Review criteria

All submissions meeting eligibility criteria will be reviewed by the grant committee based on:

Significance: Is the study important to nursing practice and the development of nursing policy? Does it address a policy issue related to TNA’s interests or activities?

Approach: Are study aims logical and appropriately conceptualized? Do study design, sample, instruments, procedures, and data analysis allow specific aims to be accomplished?

Investigator: Is the study within the applicant’s ability? Is the primary investigator versed in the theory and supported by mentors or consultants?

Environment: Are available resources and research environment adequate to support the research? Is the project feasible?

Justified budget: Are purchases explained, including the need for particular materials? Are opportunities explored to use other resources to support the study?


Review committee

The review committee will include the TNF president and executive director. Additional members will include at least one nurse researcher (PhD level) and one individual (may be non-nurse) with expertise in nursing or health policy.


Texas Nurses Association

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