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TPAPN Providers
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TPAPN works with providers in many fields, including evaluators, treatment providers and specialists. These can include a participant's current providers or providers referred to by TPAPN. 

TPAPN participants are placed into different tracks and tiers to determine participation components. Placement is based on diagnosis severity, remission, needs and license type. Participant needs are determined by by the Texas Board of Nursing, referral information, toxicology tests, substance use and mental health evaluations, treatment providers, other clinicians, and TPAPN.

Download an overview of the TPAPN Participation Guidelines Matrix. Watch the videos below for an explanation of the matrix.



Information coming soon. 

Treatment Providers

TPAPN is a Board of Nursing-approved monitoring program that incorporates evaluator treatment recommendations based on individual diagnoses or treatment needs for nurses whose practice may be impacted by substance use disorders or substance use disorders co-occurring with mental health disorders. If your client is a participant in TPAPN or is planning to become a participant, we need several items of documentation from you.

  1. Upon entry into the treatment program, please send written documentation of your brief or general assessment, treatment goals, usual duration of program, any additional recommendations and date of the client’s entry. If you have immediate concerns, please contact TPAPN by phone.
  2. Upon completion of the treatment program, please send written documentation of the date of completion, discharge plans and aftercare follow-up.
  3. If the client terminates from your program prior to completion of initial treatment or aftercare, please notify the TPAPN case manager immediately. In addition, if you have concerns regarding the client while attending your program, please call to discuss them.

We appreciate your assistance in providing an integral part to this nurse’s monitoring process. It is extremely important that treatment programs understand the professional impact of substance use disorder on patient safety and nursing licensure. If you have any questions about TPAPN, please contact our office.



We require TPAPN participants to notify any and all health care providers of their substance use disorder,  mental health condition history or both prior to receiving any prescription. Therefore, it is imperative that specialists, treatment providers and medical providers:

  1. Submit information to the TPAPN case manager on the status of referred patients after appropriate consents to release information are obtained including immediate reports on significant events that occur in treatment that are related to the nurse’s ability to practice safely. Information that needs to be communicated includes assessments, diagnosis, prognosis, discharge summary, follow-up recommendations and compliance with treatment.
  2. If applicable, complete and send to TPAPN the Participant Medication Report when prescribing medications and indicate if the nurse is safe to practice while taking the medications. 



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