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Faculty & Student Engagement Toolkit
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We hope these resources help you engage with your school of nursing community. 






The purpose of this toolkit is to facilitate districts engaging with students and faculty as potential members of TNA.



  1. Identify a district member who will be the School of Nursing District Liaison
  2. Identify the RN programs in the district using the spreadsheet. BSN programs are the target of this activity because these students are more likely to joint and BSN programs are required to teach leadership and management content. However, all RN’s are eligible to join TNA so all RN programs are listed on the spreadsheet. 
  3. Contact the program to identify the student nurse organization (SNO) faculty advisor and/or the faculty who teaches the professional issues / leadership / or management course.
  4. Make at least one face-to-face contact (e.g., an individual meeting with faculty, presentation at a SNO meeting, guest lecture for an issues / leadership, management class,etc.) with each generic BSN school in the district.
  5. Report activities to TNA Director of Practice, Ellen Martin by email at and also provide any feedback on challenges and opportunities identified through this activity.
  6. This program may be expanded to include graduate programs in the future.   

Powerpoint Presentation  

A PowerPoint presentation is available with speakers’ notes examples. The presentation is not scripted, because dialogue and personal stories resonate with students. Timely issues in the news may guide discussion of policy.  Please customize the presentation by putting the presenter’s information on the title slide. It is brief, based on feedback from faculty advisors who previewed the presentation, allowing for interaction with the audience. 

The presentation references publications from TNA which can be ordered from the membership department prior to the presentation. 

Additional Resources

Depending on the audience, additional resources recommended by faculty include a copy of the BSN Essential VIII and information for student subscribers to ANA. The Jurisprudence & Ethics “Jeopardy” Game is a powerpoint show. 

  1. To use the game, download the file to a computer. 
  2. Invite the audience to pick a category and amount.
  3. Click on the amount in that category and a hyperlink will skip to the clue slide.
  4. Invite the audience to call out answers.
  5. Click the mouse or the right arrow key to get to the answer slide (which has a TNA logo and a button with a house).
  6. Click the house to return to the home screen.  


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