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The Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses provides recovery help and promotes professional accountability for nurses.

Help define the profession as a member of TNA. Inform policy, nursing standards, educational resources and more.

Find the next step in your career from hundreds of job listings โ€” free to members and non-members โ€” with positions across Texas.

TNA is continuously maintaining a COVID-19 resource page with the latest updates on news, advocacy and more.

Pre-order An Introduction to Texas Nursing Practice, Second Edition 2020

Nurse Talks

An updated, easy-to-understand guide on everything Texas nurses need to know

From getting a license to renewal requirements to laws governing nursing and protections for nurses such as peer review and safe harbor โ€” this book breaks down complicated regulations and rules and includes practice notes with additional guidance. The simple flowcharts, diagrams, examples and comparison charts included can help any nurse understand his or her responsibilities and rights in Texas.

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TNA podcasts explore nursing policy, health care issues and the real-life nurse experience. Season 1 explores policy, season 2 takes a look at #COVID19 and season 3 features #NurseLife with two nurse leaders hosting.

Annotated Guide to the Texas Nursing Practice Act

This resource provides a breakdown of the laws, rules and regulations pertinent to nursing with annotations, examples and relevant studies. 

Nurse Talks Empowerment Series

Imagine what will happen when thousands of nurses get together to share their ideas, wisdom and guidance on important issues. With your help, we can make this dream a reality!

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