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Nurse Talks Empowerment Series
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Nurse Talks Empowerment Series

Let’s Get Together and Get Involved!

Watch webcast | Discuss with peers | Act with your new know-howImagine what will happen when thousands of nurses get together to share their ideas, wisdom and guidance on important issues. With your help, we can make this dream a reality!

The Nurse Talks Empowerment Series is designed to bring more nurses into conversations that can inform TNA’s decision-making processes and policy priorities to ultimately benefit all nurses across the state.

Nurse Talks' sessions are designed as live webinars viewed with other nurses at sites across Texas. Following the webinar, facilitators lead Q&A sessions with participants and send feedback to TNA. We provide most of the tools needed to facilitate, including marketing and discussion questions. Facilitators provide the meeting space (public or private) with audio, video and internet access and invite nurses to attend. Nurse Talks take place on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. CT.

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The list of Nurse Talks and locations below will be updated regularly.

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February Nurse Talks on Identifying, Responding to Human Trafficking in Clinical Settings

Presenter: Jessica L. Peck, DNP, APRN, CPNP-PC, CNE, CNL, FAANP

Dr. Peck graciously responded to the following unanswered questions that will be available until April 9, after which you may view on the Nurse Talks' Social Link page

1. Is there a small, business card-sized type card that could be handed to an individual if one suspects they are a victim but they don’t provide any information because of fear?

No, there are no cards recommended. It is dangerous to give out information. That is in part why the hotline is designed to be easy to memorize. 1-888-3737-888. If shift the dash, it is much easier to remember. You can also text HELP to BEFREE. There are some resources available designed to be more covert in nature. For example, there is a group who makes soaps with the number embedded, and I have also heard of a group who makes lipsticks with a secret barcode. If nothing else, reassuring individuals the health care environment is a safe place to seek assistance is appropriate. In other words, if they can't remember who to call, getting to a clinical setting is the next best choice. SOAP Project - About

2. You mentioned a YouTube video “Be The One” during your presentation, is this a movie and can you share the link?

I mentioned two videos, found linked below. I Am Jane Doe and Be the Onefrom the Texas Attorney General, and has a bent towards law enforcement.

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