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TNA's staff, members, and policy committees have expertise in a wide variety of fields, from health information technology to disaster preparedness to labor and delivery. The resources provided here are intended to help nurses, patients, and other health care providers. All information provided is evidence-based. If you have a suggestion for a new resource, please contact us

Practice Tools

HIT Study

The TNA/TONE HIT Committee has conducted research with over 1,150 nurses to find out how technology is used in nursing and what can be done to improve it. Learn more, read the study and view archived webinars.

Whistle Blowing

Nurses who report a situation they believe exposes a patient to harm, are protected from retaliation. Learn what every whistle blower should know and how to be a patient advocate without fear.

Care Coordination

Care coordination promotes greater quality, safety, and efficiency in care, consistent with nursing's holistic, patient-centered framework of care. Download large Care Coordination Model or view the PPT for more information.

Suicide Prevention

A quick guide to free suicide prevention resources for patients and providers, including hotlines, crisis centers, online information, multimedia resources and free assessment tools.

Annotated Guide to the Nursing Practice Act

For Members Only

TNA has developed a searchable website as a partner to the printed NPA Guide that allows users to easily locate various topics and how they affect Texas nurses. Available only to TNA members — and for free — the website is a quick reference guide that should be bookmarked on all your devices!

TNA Initiatives

Nurses Talks

The Nurse Talks Empowerment Series is designed to bring more nurses into conversations that can inform TNA’s decision-making processes and policy priorities to ultimately benefit all nurses across the state.

Nurses in Office

The Nurses in Office initiative aims to encourage and support registered nurses running for elected offices, starting locally and growing eventually to the state and national levels.

Care for the Caregiver

This series of videos provides information for nurses in disaster-prone areas to prepare before a disaster, know how to handle work and life during a disaster, and recover after a disaster.

Maternal Health Handout

TNA's Maternal Morbidity and Mortality work group has developed a great handout for new moms (in English and Spanish) for nurses to print and provide. Contact us for bulk ordering!

TNA Publications

NPA Guide

The legalese of the Nursing Practice Act can be hard to understand. Get your print and PDF copy of the Annotated Guide to the Texas Nursing Practice Act with 2018 Supplement, to reference BON rules and position statements.

Texas Nursing

Texas Nursing Magazine is a quarterly TNA member publication featuring articles on a wide variety of issues affecting Texas nurses: best practices, TNA activities, legislation and patient care. Members have access to the archive online.

Pocket Guides

These small pocket guides provide practical information on the Texas Safe Staffing Law and how fatigue can affect workplace performance. A new guide on workplace violence is currently in development.

ABCs of Peer Review

Many employers in Texas must have a peer review committee. Learn best practices for implementing peer review, including Safe Harbor and Incident-Based Peer Review. If you want to host or attend a peer review workshop, contact us.

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